Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let's Get Stamping!

Here's a fun project using stamps, patterned paper, and repetition! I created this layout using stamps from Autumn Leaves and Stampin' Up, and kit paper from Urban Anthology's July and August kits. Here's how:

Any shape or icon will do, or even a cool silhouette image.
So bust out those dusty stamps, and give this a try! :)


  1. super cute. what is the spray stuff you spray on it? If i ever had time, i am so glad you are able to spend time doing this. Someday will time will come and i will be way out of the habit, but owell. Thanks for posting these they are fun to look at.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing how you made this design! A beautiful piece of work! Can you explain the misting to me? Thanks.