Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rooster Inspiration

It's my week for inspiration over at the awesome Midnight Rooster blog!

Earlier in the week, I posted some cool images, to get that mojo flowin''s one of my favorites:

Aren't those cupcake ruffles the yummiest?!  (Check out Ruche for more cool fashion inspiration)

This image really got me in the mood for more handmade flower fun, so I went to town creating this:

Using some fabric, lace, and a pearl flower, I ruffled and misted to my heart's content...ahhhh, fun.

(Check out the October Kit Reveal on the 9th for the flower center and lace!  They come white and cream, and here I misted them with Banana Pudding, Cosmos, and Tuscan Sun).

You can check out the whole mini-tutorial HERE.

I'd love to know what's inspiring you lately...
and what's your favorite embellishment-of-the-moment?
I've been on the handmade flower train for a while now, and just can't stop!!! :-)

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  1. I cannot tell you how AMAZING it is to see this tutorial!!! I totally love it!!!