Thursday, December 9, 2010

Midnight Rooster Holiday Giveaway!

It's that time yet again, another fabulous mini-kit giveaway from Midnight Rooster!
Here's this month's prize:

For a chance to win this gorgeousness, answer this question:

What's one of your favorite December traditions (winter, summer, holiday...whatever the case may be and wherever in the world you are!)  :-)

Here are the rest of my December sneaks from the kit, Scarlett and Rhett...

I'll be sharing the full layouts over the weekend, so be sure to check back if any of these peeks pique your interest!  ;)  ;)


  1. We love to go to Winder Farms and have scones and eggnog (or rootbeer milk) then drive around and look at everyone's lights

  2. going to the festival of trees is my favorite thing to do!
    the christmas bows are so awesome. you are amazing!!


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  4. Lovin' the sneaks! Can't wait to see the full reveal! One of my favorite things about the holiday season is watching Christmas movies like A Christmas Story and other classics that are heartwarming and funny! We just watch the Shrek Christmas special last night- too funny! have a beautiful weekend and blessed holiday season!

  5. Cute! I love those bows! My favorite December tradition is making Christmas cookies with my family! THanks for the chance!

  6. this was the first year that my family had a real christmas tree, so this is my new favorite tradition. happy holidays all :) :)

  7. beautiful sneaks! looking forward to the full reveal! my fave tradition is opening our presents on xmas eve. this allows us to sleep in late on christmas morning - the young kiddiess in the family used to wake up my husband and i at all hours of the night bc they were anxious about xmas morning...not anymore!

  8. my favorite tradition is frying a turkey in the kitchen while watching the honeymooners with my family

  9. My new favorite tradition is filling stockings. We never did that in my family, but my husband's family always buys stocking stuffers. So much fun!

  10. Beautiful projects!
    I love to bake before Christmas (the only time of year that I do it! ).... and share some cookies with friends and neighbors.