Friday, February 25, 2011

Graphic 45

I am a longtime customer of Graphic 45, & have decided to have a go at their 2011 Design Team Call. 
Those who know my work know of my love of well done, vintage-inspired well as my love of striking color palettes.  Graphic 45 does both flawlessly, & I am happy to show my fifteen favorite Graphic 45 projects below:

1.  Let There Be Wonder

2.  Le' Romantique

3.  Domestic Goddess...Not

4.  Springtime Notebook/Treasure Box Set

5.  Domestic Goddess:  Mom

6.  Beach Zen

7.  O'Malleys

8.  Hallowe'en Canvas

9.  Hallowe'en in Wonderland

10.  Alice

11.  My Gramcracker

12.  Workin' The Stache

13.  Portraits of You

14.  Once Upon A Time...

15.  Springtime Mini Album

A slideshow including project detail-shots is available HERE.


  1. You'd be perfect for that team!!

  2. Amazing projects!!! You would fit Graphic45 soooooo well! Good luck!

  3. beautiful work, Keri! That #13 is my favorite. I don't think you're a "super underdog" as you say and wish you the very best of luck. I'll be rooting for you!!

  4. These are all lovely! Good luck, Keri!

  5. Just beautiful - I especially lihe first post - Good luck!

  6. I think you did a fantastic job with all your entries! Good luck... they'd be lucky to have you! I love your canvases!

  7. fantastic work as always! Love the design, color combo and layering. Great job! Good luck

  8. Oh Keri, you would be such great fit for them!! Love the work you do! Wishing you all the very best of luck my friend!! :)

  9. Wow! These are all fantastic--good luck! Dad says he'll be billing you for his wedding groom modeling fee, (of course), ha! We are both amazed at your creativity and grace.

  10. Not that we don't already know how gifted you are!