Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Party Time!!!

Where have I been?
Busy hosting back-to-back Tinkerbell parties for my growing-up-too-fast TEN-year-old!
Wow, time flies...I'm cherishing this year as possibly the last time she asks for a theme party like this.

Sooooo...for the parties I made her a Tinkerbell chandelier.  I've been loving the different types of paper chandeliers and mobiles I've seen online lately, and decided to try one of my own!
It's far less elaborate than most I've seen, but I love the way it turned out:

Simple and sparkly and the perfect touch for a bit more "grown-up" Tinkerbell theme.

Here's a little peek at the "fairy food" we had...served on vintage leaf dishes & a cute little serving set I found at a craft store:

Hope you liked this little peek into our party-filled was a great time & I'm so grateful to have a sweet girl who still loves Tinkerbell for a little while longer. :-)


  1. wow, this is so so so amazing Keri!

  2. That mobile is fantastic! I absolutely love it! And the food tables look so yummy and festive! I am sure it was a fabulous party!!!!

  3. That is so awesome, looks like it was a fun party with gorgeous decor, thanks to a crafty mommy ;) LOVE that butterfly chandelier!!

  4. WOW! Love this Keri! Such a beautiful mobile!