Friday, February 4, 2011

Lift Myself & Someone Else...

A couple projects to show you today!
First, I scraplifted myself!  Using  this as a sketch:

I made this:

Things I Love:  Scraplifting yourself is MUCH faster than starting from scratch. :)  Love the vintage heart-doily stamp I used as frames, and the layered title block.

Things *not so sure*:  Didn't end up liking the photo placement as much on the 2nd one; feel like I should have left off the bottom-most photo and shortened that column.

Great experiment, though, and one I WILL try again.

Next up, my Heidi Kelley Style-Swap inspiration piece from last weeks challenge @ The Color Room:

Had SUCH a blast gettin' messy with modeling paste, microbeads, inks, and mists.  Love Heidi's free-spirited, artsy style!

Fun, happy, artsy texture...makes me smile. :-)


  1. Fantastic layouts! I particularly love the look in the top one with all the stitching and kraft paper. Very cute! Where did you get that card on the top left, the "Go Where We Go" with the car? I love it!

  2. I love these layouts so very much Keri! Those mixed media circles are delectable looking!!!

  3. I just love all your layouts Keri!!!! Especially love the last one!!! so detailed!:o)

  4. Hi Keri! I just wanted to drop by and congratulate you on being a GDT for the nook! So looking forward to seeing more of your work and getting to know you better!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  5. Wow, I love both LO's! Love the hearts with the pics on the first one and the WP die cut pp. And all the artsy stuff and cool effects on the second! Really enhances the pics, I think. And congrats on GDT for the Nook (as I just found out from the previous poster ;)

  6. BTW, you asked about the loopy border....I made that with a MS loopy string border punch :)

  7. I am a huge fan of your works. Love your style so much!!!!