Thursday, February 10, 2011

PLS and Just For Me...

First up, go check out Pretty Little Studio to see my first Valentine's Day project!
Vintage images + V-day = true love! :)

Next up, a layout I made last night "just for me" specific manufacturer, challenge, kit, etc...just me and some favorite photos & products:

Creating this, I realized how LONG it's been since I started with photos + a story to tell FIRST, rather than product first, for a kit/call/company.  Such fun to switch it up, back to my "roots" so to speak.  :-)


  1. so so so cute!!! we just dig those vintage whatnots, don't we? :) lol

  2. that layout is so beautiful!

  3. Beautiful layout, and what sweet photos! She is passed out asleep at the computer....too precious!

  4. Those photos was realy great!! LOL!
    And you made this page soooo nice!
    Just love it! The colours ar my favorite!!!

  5. Really gorgeous LO and I love those awesome pics....don't you love it when you can just scrap for yourself? LOL I don't remember last time I did that...but then again, I'm not very productive unless I have some sort of goal or deadline :)

  6. Those are such cute photos! Love your layout! Love the ribbon and flowers.

  7. Gorgeous LO!! Love all of the details you've added! Isn't it fun to just 'play'?!!
    BTW, I have an award for you on my blog...