Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jenni Bowlin Studios Projects...

This past week I had SO much fun participating in the JBS Mercantile March Crop!
Her products always bring out a relaxed, nostalgic, free-spirited style in me that I rewarding.

Here's the layouts I completed for the crop...I was able to get through SEVEN of the challenges, whoo hoo!  You know what that means?  For the first time ever, I pretty much used up my JBS stash, which means I can order some of her new release stuff!  :-)

For the Oval Challenge, I came up with the fun border/cluster at the top.

This page definitely makes me NEED a triple scoop!

Daddy & girls LOVE their Rock Band time together!

I know one blog reader who'll recognize this girl! :)  Loved used bits of JBS accents on this one.

LOVE these two people with all my heart. :-)

Finally used my beloved JBS bird paper!

Love this photo, but never knew how to scrap it, until now...

Thanks so much for the talented JBS Creative Team for these inspiring & fun challenges!


  1. These are seriously AMAZING projects!!! I particularly adore the Yellowstone one, WOWSEER!!!!

  2. Who is that Jayci girl?? She looks like she is so sweet and fun! She loved looking at this tribute to her- THANK YOU! All your layouts are amazing- as usual!

  3. So inspiring because each single page is unique and beautifully made. I have never tried using JBS papers, need to get me some now. Thanks for the inspiration