Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CHA Lovin'...

You KNOW it's that time again...time to share my CHA wish list for the season, whoo hoo!

Let's get started with this:

Followed by this:
A little bit o' this:

Plus this:
Lovin' this:

Gotta have this:
Want this:

Discovered these:

And fell in love with these:

*ETA* for my girl Jing-Jing, could I forget these?!

Already ordered this:

And these:

And lastly, these:

Is this post long enough for you, lol?!  What's catching YOUR eye this CHA?


  1. send me the html for this post to save me time having to put one just like this together, lol. Other than the smash book stuff, I have my eyes on all the other items as well! oy, but... why is Glitz design missing? LOL

  2. I love ALL these picks too! There is so many great lines coming out this year!

  3. I'm with Jing Jing, can I just copy and paste this exact post? LOL! I'm loving everything here too!!!

  4. Oh wow, wow, I knew their was a reason I just had to go back to work, I love everything and the paper you have already ordered with the roses, wow, gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing. Melx