Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Giveaway Winner + CHA pt. 2

First & foremost, according to, the lucky winner of Creative Spaces Vol. 2 is:


Huge Congratulations, sure to email me your address so I can send it along to CK!

 And now, onto the most photo-heavy post of each year...CHA goodies pt. 2!
First off, my hands-down favorite themed collection of the show was:
Glitz Designs Uncharted Waters.

The color story, the diecuts, the sentiments, the designs...perfection for my myriad of Oregon coast photos...and for me, the most unique themed collection of the entire show.

My favorite non-themed collection, was hands-down Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper:

 Whimsy, elegance, and fabulous embellishments, like these polaroid frames:

Great fabric texture.
And these, my FAVORITE embellishment of the show:

Satiny gorgeousness...the perfect shape & size.

My other favorite embellishment of the show was these really cool frame overlays, also from Crate:

Instagram your photos - the old school way. :)
And here are some of the rest of my favorites:

Simple Stories Vintage Bliss - love this entire collection.

Allison Kreft - another must-have paper of the show!

Lily Bee Destinations - every B-side has a great icon-on-woodgrain pattern.

Elle's Studio Serendipity
So happy when I saw these...a flashback to my beloved see-through alphas from times-past.

Delicious colors!

Heidi Sonboul for GCD Studios

Diane Kappa for GCD Studios - favorite floral of the show!
Glitz Design + Echo Park = Birthday Wishes Photo Freedom

Dear Lizzy
Color Me Happy - Glitz Design
Phew! There you have CHA product highlights, part two.
If this post wasn't photo-heavy enough for you, lol, I have more CHA favorites on Pinterest HERE.

Now that I've exhausted your interest in new product, I will get busy with some layout & project posts up next...thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooh! I can't believe all that lovely CHA goodness that you made me look at before I got to the comment box. I'm drooling on my keyboard AGAIN!!!! Gosh, there's some AWESOME stuff coming out....think those bows & the Simple Stories lines are pretty neat...anyways.....I am SOOOOOO pleased to win the book....that will have me drooling too, no doubt! Thank you:):) My email addy is

  2. CHIC TAGS mascot!!!!??? Is that you? lol I had so much fun with you and the other ladies. Laughed so hard I cried. Thanks for stopping by and making us laugh!!!