Friday, February 1, 2013

Mixed Media fix...

Yep, ever since seeing all the new & wonderful art medium booths at CHA, I've been in desperate need of a mixed-media fix.
So this week, I finally busted out some paints, inks, & a stencil and got a bit messy. 
With these bitter-cold wintery days, I wanted to create something super-Kawaii-happy-&-bright:

No measuring, planning, or thinking on this one...just ripping, painting, having fun.
I recently saw someone use a paper straw on their layout, and loved the idea, so I used two the look of paper-rolls on layouts, but this is a much easier version!
(For the life of me, I cannot find the paper-straw layout I, ladies, if you remember who made that layout...PLEASE let me know, so I can credit that designer). :)

Hope this layout is a bright spot in your day, whether it be freezing cold, sizzling hot, or somewhere in between!


  1. Love this Keri! Are you thinking about a layout that Patricia Roebuck created with straws?

  2. Wet & raining - a LOVELY bright spot to warm us up [how bizarre our weather is atm!]...LOVE the straw idea, looks fabulous:):):)

  3. What a fun and happy layout! I love the title (my fave song ever) and the paper straws look great! Those donuts are the brightest I've ever seen! Wow!

  4. Wow! Love this! So colorful and fun!

  5. omg, i love love LOOOOOOOOOVE the colors you have used here!!!!! Wonderful mixing, painting that you did here!

  6. wowowoowowow that paint effect looks just incredible, I love it!