Thursday, May 30, 2013

Glitz + Mixed Media + Ali...

As summer break begins, I find myself going back to scrap last year's beach photos...I'm so ready for all that summer brings!

Here's a layout I created with lots of mixed media fun, along with some favorite tidbits from the Glitz Uncharted Waters collection:

The quote on the photo is from THIS post on Ali Edward's blog...using her CK handwriting font as well. 

I so much related to her words about the sea and how it effects her in a calming way.  I see that same effect in both me and my children, such a magical change when we're able to relax near the sea.  I couldn't have said it better, so I used her quote as both title & journaling for my page.

For those of you heading into summer break, I wish you lots of chill-time, sun, and a calm heart! 
For those blog readers on the other side of the globe, sending you sunny thoughts anyway, and we can switch roles once winter rolls in around here. :)


  1. WONDERFUL texture and colors--AWESOME page!

  2. just stunning! I love what you have created with the background! beautiful work as always..x

  3. Amazing page Keri! Love large photo, nautical look, and the way you used the Roller Doodle!!

  4. Keri, this is a fantastic layout! I love those circles.

  5. Oh wow this is awesome! LOVE the anchor!!!

  6. Great layout Keri! I love the small circular 3 dimensional background - it's so cool! And I love the circular thread embellishments too! Awesome!